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Our tutors are experienced and/or certified teachers with minimum of a Bachelor's or Master's degree in their respective field. They have the expertise and experience in the fields they tutor.

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What are the qualifications of your tutors'?

Unfortunately, we are currently not accepting online registration.  Please contact us for scheduling and registration.

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Could I register for classes online?

We provide individual or group tutoring programs for students between kindergarten and twelfth grade in math, science, reading, writing, homework help, study skills, state test prep and college prep.

Check out more details on Academic Programs.

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What kind of tutoring programs does SLC offer?
What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?

Majority of our students have a 60 minute session with a tutor; one to two times per week. 

Students can come in once, twice, or more per week, depending on their needs.

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To maximize benefit from your time with a tutor, attempt to complete your homework before coming to tutoring. This practice will allow you to communicate to the tutor the specific skills and concepts you need support with.  Coming prepared for the class beforehand will help you ask the tutor specific questions.

What should I do before coming to tutoring?

All our tutors have the expertise and experience in the fields they tutor and ready to help, so we encourage you to try out a variety of tutors if your requested tutor is not available. If you request a specific tutor, you may have to wait for the tutor to be available for tutoring.

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Can I request a specific tutor?
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