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Summer Programs

The Success Learning Center Summer Academic Program is a six week enrichment program where students can prepare and review coursework for the upcoming academic year. The classes are small, with no more than 5-8 students per class. Our teachers are certified, experienced, and dedicated teachers.
SAT CR & Writing and Math

SAT Critical Reading and Writing (Mon to Thu): July 22 - Aug 22                                                                        Tuition: $475 each section

This course is intended to improve critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. It also strengthens test-taking skills and develops test-taking strategies. This course will reflect the structure and content of the SAT which includes command of evidence, purpose of paragraph, understand relationships, interpret words and phrases in context, apply visual information from graphs to analytical concepts, recognize, correct, revise, and avoid common errors in grammar and usage. Students will fully master core ideas on usage, rhetoric, graph analysis, and the essay. Extensive drills and practice with timed SAT test sections is an integral part of the course. 

SAT Math (Tue and Thu): July 2 - July 30

Tuition: $475

This course provides students the necessary skills development, practice, strategies and content needed for maximizing scores on the math portion of the SAT. The students will review the four categories tested in the mathematics section of the SAT: Heart of Algebra, Problem-solving and Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math and Additional Topics in Math. They will take practice tests in class and regular exercises are incorporated into daily lesson plans.

Honors Biology – Intro to AP Biology
Tuition: $1500
June 27 - Aug 2

This course is an accelerated course designed to meet the needs of high school students who are independent learners, with well-developed reasoning skills. The course covers varying topics and concepts including the structure and function of a cell; genetics; principles of evolution and biodiversity; plant and animal systems, ecology, and more. This course will be beneficial to students who want a head start in AP Biology.

Honors Chemistry – Intro to AP Chemistry
Tuition: $1500
June 27 - Aug 8
8:00-12:00 pm

This course is a rigorous and in-depth study of a high school level Honors Chemistry course. Due to this course’s heavy math component, students are expected to excel in algebra and mathematics problem solving. Topics include study of matter, formulas, chemical equations, atomic structure, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, nuclear chemistry, gasses, solutions, bonding, acid-base theory, oxidation-reduction, pH, equilibrium, and organic chemistry.  This course is designed to give a thorough background to students planning to take AP chemistry during the school year.

Organic Chemistry
Jul 2 - Aug 3
Tuition: $1000
1:00 - 5:45 pm

This rigorous course will introduce students to topics covered in AP Chemistry. Course content may include Structure of Matter, States of Matter, Reactions, and Descriptive Chemistry. This course will be beneficial to students who want a head start in AP Chemistry. This course is offered for enrichment only and is not intended to replace a full year AP Chemistry course. 
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Honors Chemistry.

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